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The club is based on HOME GAMES

Hold'em (NLH) Omaha (PLO) Chinese (OFC)


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About our club

The Poker Craze Poker Players Club is designed to meet and play with new people on the online poker tables. In the club you will always find online tables of games such as Texas Holdem, Omaha and Chinese poker. CASH games, one-table and multi-table tournaments are held, as well as the administration of the club holds tournaments with the established prize fund at the expense of its funds.


Commercial game

Bets depend on the limit of the table, are announced in advance and do not change throughout the game.


Sit&Go Tournament

The tournament starts when you register for a certain number of players.


MTT tournament

MTT - is a multi-table tournament. The most common game.

Play at the Poker Craze Club anywhere

An excellent mobile poker application is available for free right now. Poker wherever and whenever - play any games through the PPPoker application right on your mobile device!

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For someone, poker is entertainment, for some - a lifetime. In our club everyone will get what they want from the game: entertainment, competition or additional earnings. I want to wish everyone good luck! And remember, THE MORE PLAY, THE MORE KNOW, everything is like in real life!!!
Сlub President

See you at the game!

Download and install the application, change the nickname, then on the main screen on the right click the magnifying glass and enter 76687, and you will be taken to the club

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